NutriBullet Select 1200

Unleash your inner control freak with the NutriBullet Select 1200. Choose between 2 speeds, pulse function and an extract program. The vented pitcher can also handle hot contents. The NutriBullet Select 1200 is the ultimate kitchen companion.



  • A. It is not assembled correctly. Either the pitcher or the cup is not secured to the base properly. Ensure you turn the pitcher or cup clockwise until you hear an audible click onto the motor base.

    A. Your blender has overheated. Unplug the unit and allow it to cool for at least 15 minutes and plug back in.

  • A. No. They are not compatible.
  • A. No. NEVER use the Nutribullet Cups to make hot soups or beverages. 
  • A. No, NEVER operate the Nutribullet Select 1200 with the Pitcher without the lid properly secured.
  • A. While you cannot blend without the lid, you may remove the clear lid cap on the pitcher lid wile blending on LOW setting and add ingredients while blending. Never do this when blending hot foods, as steam released could cause injury.
  • A. Extract is the process of extracting maximum nutrition from fresh fruits and vegetables in your NutriBullet. The ‘Extract’ Program on your Select Control Panel is specifically designed break down fruits and vegetables into a nutrient rich smoothie. It is a timed program and knows whether you are using a pitcher or a cup!
  • A. The new Easy Twist Extractor Blade was designed so that the seal gasket is not removable and will not need replacement.