Tritan™ Renew: Durable Material with a Sustainable Ethos



nutribullet® has always believed in empowering health. Our products are based on the principle of making fresh food easy to prepare and enjoy so we can nourish our bodies, every day. As we look towards the future, we aim to expand our mission to include the health of our planet as well. That's why we've partnered with Eastman Plastics to bring their innovative Tritan™ Renew material to the nutribullet® Ultra product line.

Used to form our nutribullet® Ultra blending cups, Tritan™ Renew is a unique material that’s made with 50% recycled content. Its manufacturing process supports sustainability on multiple levels: it diverts single-use waste from the landfill, converts it into a new material with lower greenhouse gas emissions, and creates a final product durable enough to be re-used for an extended length of time.