NutriBullet Everygrain Cooker

The NutriBullet® EveryGrain™ Cooker makes perfect grains, from rice to farrow to quinoa, every time. Packed with features, the EveryGrain™ Cooker is programmed 4 with cooking modes for popular grains, a delay start and keep warm function. With a 10 cup bowl capacity and a stackable steaming basket where you can steam veggies, seafood and more whilst cooking your favourite grains - you can create large batches and prep food with ease!

Download the NutriBullet EveryGrain User Guide here.

Download the NutriBullet EveryGrain Recipe Guide here.

Cooker Base
Inner Cooking Pot
Measuring Scoop
Steaming Basket
Rice Spatula
Recipe Book
User Guide


10 Cup capacity

Makes up to 10 cups of cooked grains - large enough for the whole family and more!

Auto-cook programs

Select from 5 auto-programs for popular types of rice and grains, including brown, white and exotic grains like farrow.

Extra functionality

Delay timer & keep warm functions built in so that you can prep just in time for any meal of the day.

You can also steam!

Added steaming basket now enables you to meal prep efficiently! Cook your grains and steam vegetables, fish and more simultaneously.


  • A. All of the cups and lids can be handwashed and are also top rack dishwasher safe. The only things that cannot go in the dishwasher are the NutriBullet Baby motor base and blades.
  • A. Unlike jarred baby food that contain sugars, fillers and preservatives, NutriBullet Baby helps you prepare the healthiest food for your baby. Each bundle includes the tools to prepare, blend, steam and store food. Homemade baby food is the freshest, safest food you can offer your baby. Jarred baby food has a shelf life of 2 to 3 years, that means your baby's lunch could be older than your baby.
  • A. Yes, they are BPA free.