NutriBullet Baby Steam + Blend

Cook and blend fresh baby food all in one simple machine. The nutribullet® Baby Steam + Blend combines the functionality of a cooking pot, steaming basket, and blender into one compact system, cutting down on mess, dishes, and oh-so-precious time. It also features a pulse button and an automated blending cycle, which lend you full control over food texture to meet every stage of your little one’s growing appetite.



  • The nutribullet Baby® Steam + Blend has one blending speed. However, there are two ways to blend with the nutribullet Baby® Steam + Blend. Activate standard Blend mode by setting the dial to Blend, then pressing the Power button. You can either allow the blender to run its full 1-minute Blend cycle, or press the Power button at any time to stop blending. You can also change the blend setting so it will Pulse ingredients by turning the Setting Dial to Blend and pressing the Power button for roughly 3 seconds. Once in Pulse mode, simply press and release the Power button in quick succession until food reaches the desired consistency. This is helpful for creating more textured purées.
  • Unlike jarred baby food that contain sugars, fillers and preservatives, nutribullet Baby® Steam + Blend helps you prepare the healthiest food for your baby. Each machine includes the tools to prepare, blend, steam and store food. Homemade baby food is the freshest, safest food you can offer your baby. Jarred baby food has a shelf life of 2 to 3 years, that means your baby's lunch could be older than your baby.
  • The Blending Blade is not required during steaming operation, but since it contains drainage holes, it can be used to keep excess water from mixing with steamed ingredients.