October 20, 2020 2 min read

Juicing at home provides easy access to the health-promoting benefits of fruits and vegetables in a matter of minutes. It can be a quick fix to boosting your nutrient intake and a great way to use up extra produce from the back of the fridge.

When you start juicing, you’ll quickly realize that you’re left with different combinations of juice pulp. This can build up quickly depending on how often and how much you’re juicing. You might be wondering, what are some ways to save this pulp? How can you reduce food waste? Luckily, the pulp is a fiber gold-mine that can give any meal or snack a boost of nutrients. We are sharing quick and easy ways to use juice pulp and chef-crafted recipes to fuel your taste buds!

10 Easy Ways to Use Juice Pulp

  1. Overnight Oats - Add to your overnight oats for more texture and a boost of flavor.
  2. Scramble it - Add a savory blend to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner scramble and top it off with a homemade Red Salsa.
  3. Snack Bites - Kick up your snack bites with your favorite blend of fruits and veggies.
  4. Pancakes and Muffins - Pineapple, carrot, and ginger pulp can be the perfect addition to your favorite pancake recipe. 
  5. Dips and Spreads - Hide extra veggies in any of our dips and spreads. 
  6. Veggie Patties - Skip the package and make your own veggie burger at home.
  7. Soup - Give your blended soups some added texture with veggie pulp blends.
  8. Popsicles - Add your favorite juice blend and pulp for an easy family treat.
  9. Freeze it - Haven’t decided what you want to do? Use the freezer trays to store your pulp. Add them to smoothies for an added fiber boost with pulp cubes.
  10. Compost it - Still don’t know what to do? Toss it in your compost bin! 

We hope this inspires you to play with your food! We love hearing from our community. Connect with us on social at @nutribulletaus and share your favourite pulp creations!