Magic Bullet Air Fryer

The Magic Bullet® Air Fryer makes it quick and easy to cook your favourite foods to tender-crisp perfection, without excess oil or mess. Ideal for households with a premium on counter space, this little powerhouse has a 2.5L capacity that cooks just the right amount for 1-2 people. And with its wide 80-200°C temperature range and 360-degree convection technology, you have the flexibility to crisp up everything from fries to crumbed chicken, to veggies, and beyond.


  • A. It may not be plugged in. Ensure you plug in the Air Fryer into a wall socket and flick the switch on or The fry pot may not be installed properly. Insert the fry pot until you hear and audible "click" indicating that it is place.
  • A. The Magic Bullet Air Fryer is specifically designed to ensure even cooking, with a convection fan and crisping tray that allow hot air to circulate ingredients 360 degrees. If you’re air frying larger items, or if your fry pot is crowded, you might want to flip ingredients halfway through the cooking process to ensure the heat reaches every surface as evenly as possible. Always use caution when removing the fry pot during or after cooking, as doing so may release hot steam from the machine.
  • A. Yes. Cooking basket and crisping tray are both dishwasher safe and BPA free.